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  • How to Stay Motivated Towards Success in 2016

    By Megan McDermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    As the new year approaches, it’s typical to look back on the past year and evaluate what you’ve accomplished as an actor. Well…..has this thought crossed your mind?“Gosh, I’ve been working so hard, submitting for everything on Actors Access and Backstage, going to every EPA, and doing as many CD workshops and Agents showcases as possible, and I have so little to show for all my hard work!” It can be so frustra...  Read More...

  • So Many Ways to Book a Dream Job

    by Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Hello Accelerated Artists! Uncle Doug here currently having the time of my life rehearsing for the Off-Broadway production of Once Upon a Mattress. Hilarious cast. Professional environment. MGM-Style musical numbers. It’s truly a dream job. You know what was really sweet about landing this gig?


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