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  • Don’t Get it Right, Get it Tight

    by Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Biz Coach

    It’s not the last time you’ll hear me say there’s no such thing as Right and Wrong. ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ encourage binary thinking, ignoring any subtleties and variations—not to mention have no relevance when you consider everyone filters information through his or her own perception; one’s definition of right and wrong is therefore completely irrelevant to another. Imagine for a moment the freedom you could have if you let go of your own preconceived notions of what...  Read More...

  • Reignite Your Passion…or 2016 Won’t Matter.


    by Jodie Bentley, CEO of Accelerated Artist

    As a highly organized Type A Virgo, I love the start of the New Year. It’s a clean slate. You get another opportunity to really take risks. You get another chance to fully commit to what you want in your life and in your career. The key is to doing so with determination and grit. So how do you do that when feeling overwhelmed, heavy, or out of control?


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