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Summer Strategies

By: Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

So it happened.  Your worst fear has been realized.  Pilot season ended, the summer stock auditions are complete, and somehow you didn’t book a summer gig. 

Take a breath.  Feel the feelings.  Shake it off. 

This is good news. 

I am here to share some coaching love because summer is the perfect time to refresh, recommit, reconnect and research. 


When you’re as passionate about your craft as we are, you quit every day.  Yet we keep coming back because it means so much to us.  Take some time to refresh your artist.  Ask yourself-- What brought me to my craft in the first place? 

Who is the actor whose performance inspired you to start your own career?   

Which article made you furious enough to start writing?   

Which mentor let you know your dream was possible?  

Watch that actor’s performance again.  Re-read that article. Reconnect with your mentor. 

Go back to the source of it all.  Learn anew why your unique perspective is so vital and rewarding.  


Let’s pull your business back together.  Your schedule is open now. If you’re not in a show or filming a project, get into a class.  If you can’t afford the class, go to free on-line tutorials or barter for what you need.  

You may not be able to control your looking like the director’s ex-wife or how they needed someone shorter than their star.  But you can get yourself into a dance class taught by the assistant choreographer on one of your target shows.  You can study that dialect you’ve been meaning to master, or, better yet, learn a language that matches your ethnic brand.  Put pen to paper and write your novel. Your webseries. Your play. Your pilotfor the love of it. 

Start by scheduling an unbreakable appointment in your calendar and follow through with your commitment to your Artist. 


You want your friends and family to show up when you’re doing work, right?  Now you get to be the person you’ve always wanted them to be.   

Your friends made a web series you haven’t had time to watch.  You saved the e-mail with the link for seven months now.  It’s time to click that link, enjoy what they’re bringing into the world, and strengthen your relationship with them by congratulating them for their efforts.   

Go to see their theatrical performances.   

Did you catch them on a commercial?  Call them personally to celebrate their success and then post the heck out of it on social media. 

Read their blogs and take the time to offer thoughtful commentary.  

Better yet, schedule some face time over coffee to share your goals with each other and brainstorm action steps to achieve those goals. 

Summertime is a great time to reconnect to your support system. 


Guess what?  While all of those other actors are tied up with their summer gigs out of town, you’re available for fall/spring season auditions!   

Are you scanning the Equity website looking for casting notices?  Don’t just plan for next week.  Look ahead to what’s coming down the pike a few weeks from now so you can choose and schedule time to practice your audition material. 

The upfronts happened in Los Angeles.  What shows got picked up?  Google the heck out of them and their creative teams and decide in which worlds you fit.   Then create your action plan to book those specific characters in those specific shows. 

While we’re at it, people drop out of summer gigs all the time.  How about reaching to your target theatre companies, congratulating them on their seasons, and letting them know you’re at their service if a role should come available? 

And these are just a fraction of the possibilities available to you.  What didn’t I mention?  What strategies have worked for you when your career needs that jump start?  Enter your ideas in the comment section below and let’s all start the online goodness! And click here for more info on coaching strategies available to you via our Accelerated Artist website! 

Are you ready to refresh, recommit, reconnect and research?  I’m here to help.  Let’s schedule a free 20-minute coaching session to get you back into fighting shape.